conrad murray trial getty Conrad Murray verdict: Flavor Flav among celebs reacting on TwitterConrad Murray, the doctor who supplied a deadly dose of the drug propofol to Michael Jackson, was found guilty Monday (Nov. 7) of involuntary manslaughter. As expected, celebrities turned to Twitter in droves to share their reactions.

Jacksons LaToya, Randy and Jermaine led the way, but even Nicki Minaj felt moved enough to weigh in. David Spade, not surprisingly, used the verdict as an opportunity to attempt a joke, while Flavor Flav had perhaps our favorite — and the most legally accurate — statement to add to the conversation.

LaToya Jackson: “Michael I love you and I will continue to fight until ALL are brought to justice!”

Randy Jackson Jr.: “The Pawn has been convicted but now its time for the Hidden Hand behind
the Plan… JUSTICE will be served. Thank you all for the support!!!”

Jermaine Jackson II: “Strong victory in court! Thank you all for your love and support. Step one has been accomplished! We are ready for next!!”

Nicki Minaj: “People are cheering but there really are no winners here. This has been an utter tragedy from beginning to end.

Piers Morgan: “Whichever way you viewed the evidence, ‘s behaviour was clearly unethical for a doctor. Right verdict.”

David Spade: “oh my god Dr.conrad murray is convicted of man-ish slaughter.”

Flavor Flav: “F** you Conrad murry,!!!!! Who da man now ?” (Note: Flav’s version of the F word only contained three letters.)”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson