constantine maroulis dr jekyll mr hyde 2 Constantine Maroulis as 'Jekyll & Hyde' on Broadway: Some good, some evil, a lot of so what

Broadway musicals should have a wow factor.
The latest version of “Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical” at the Marquis Theatre, offers up a lot of spectacles, but it never coalesces into a great show.
As hard as Constantine Maroulis works in the title roles, it is not enough, and it’s unclear what else he could do. Maroulis, “American Idol” finalist, Season 4, and a Tony nominee for “Rock of Ages” is completely sincere as Dr. Jekyll and threatening as Mr. Hyde. His voice is up to the taxing role.
Deborah Cox, (Broadway’s “Aida” and an R & B pop star) as Lucy, the prostitute, is excellent. 
Yet this production feels as if the sets, which are interesting with holograms and projections, are more important than anything. The story remains the same, a physician researches the good and evil in man, to help his father, who is insane. 

constantine maroulis dr jekyll mr hyde Constantine Maroulis as 'Jekyll & Hyde' on Broadway: Some good, some evil, a lot of so what

Dr. Henry Jekyll cannot risk trying his experiments on anyone else so he offers up himself for the good of science. Soon, the mild Dr. Jekyll is the violent Edward Hyde, killing those who have crossed him and killing for recreation.
Maroulis is much better as the unhinged Hyde. He lets his long hair out of its ponytail (the hair alone might get a Tony nod) and slinks around the stage, shirt open, singing with a passion, fueled by evil.
As the milquetoast physician, he is so contained, there’s not much there. But you can feel him trying so hard, as you can the chorus, but all to little avail.
The one notable duet was with Hyde’s fiancee, Emma, (Teal Wicks, “Wicked” and “The Good Wife”) and Lucy belting “In His Eyes.” 
As great as that duet is, Maroulis’ incredible effort, and this set, it doesn’t add up to the wow factor.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler