contagion poster 'Contagion' review round up: Is Soderbergh's latest a viral hit?

Finally, a movie has come along that can dethrone the summer juggernaut that is “The Help.” We can’t believe we just said that…

Steven Soderbergh’sContagion” opens this weekend boasting all the elements of a summer blockbuster: big name director, huge epic event and an all-star cast that reads like a Oscar red carpet checklist (Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet). But is it worth braving a hot car ride to the multiplex? Here are some reviews to help you decide, but be warned — we do our best to be impartial so you’ll just have to make up your dang mind:

  • Los Angeles Times: “Soderbergh’s made a film you may not want to watch but you can’t stop yourself from staring it.”
  • NY Daily News: “By the halfway mark, fans of apocalyptic cinema wind up part of the body count…There’s a sense of dread in “Contagion,” but it never spreads to us.”
  • IGN: “One of the smarter matinee entertainments to come from Warner Bros…a dense, globe-trotting thriller that bests any previous ‘virus’ movies (Sorry, Outbreak).”
  • Orlando Sentinel: “Soderbergh struggles with the whole empathy thing…too many characters, too little time to care…”
  • Entertainment Weekly: “B+…a scare-the-crap-out-of-you medical thriller about a viral pandemic that will have the immediate post-screening effect of causing a handwashing stampede.”

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