Wenn1679300Oh, yeah? Who’s sexy now?

Contrary to those lame-o opinions in Maxim, Sarah Jessica Parker (a.k.a. Carrie Bradshaw) looks INCREDIBLY SEXY in an exquisite black feather corset worn in what’s described as a "seminal scene" in the upcoming "Sex and the City: The movie."

London-based designer Lee Klabin designed and handcrafted the Midnight Moth corset for herself to wear. The work of art took three weeks to make and would cost 2,850 British pounds (double that — gulp — for dollar value). But in the back of her mind, Klabin says she thought: "This is so Carrie Bradshaw!"

So when Klabin heard about the "Sex" flick, she packed off the corset (the "ultimate feminine garment") to the film’s costume designer, Patricia Field, for her consideration. Not surprisingly, Field loved  it, and luckily, it fit Sarah Jessica Parker perfectly.

"We are so excited that it’s one of the key looks in the movie," Klabin said this morning from Blue Poppy Couture, her London boutique located in trendy Notting Hill, where her luxury lingerie and womenswear customers include Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Osbourne and Natalie Dormer, the star of Showtime’s acclaimed series "The Tudors."

Natalie — who certainly knows how to wear a corset to get a king’s attention — is currently in the United States and will wear Klabin’s designs — pencil skirts and couture corsets — for media interviews and public appearances.

Those jeweled pheasant feathers, in case you were wondering, are animal byproducts, which means the birds were not killed for their plumage, thank heavens. And the feathers were delicately dyed by a specialty company in Italy.

So far, there are no firm plans to market the lingerie in the United States. But to check out Klabin’s boutique, click HERE. To see her RTW clothing line, click HERE.!

Photo: Blue Poppy Couture

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