Greenlanternpotentials_290The Green Lantern’s power ring will go to one of three men.

Bradley Cooper had already been rumored for the role; now The Hollywood Reporter says “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” co-star Ryan Reynolds and singer Justin Timberlake are also finalists.

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We like Reynolds a lot, but he’s already in talks for a “Deadpool” franchise spinning off from “Wolverine,” and we doubt he can carry two franchises at once. Timberlake is an intriguing dark horse: He impresses on his “Saturday Night Live” hosting gigs and made “Southland Tales” relatively bearable.

Green Lantern is a DC Comics hero; the movie will apparently center around his earliest incarnation, Hal Jordan, a hotshot pilot recruited into a sort of interstellar police force. Jordan’s ring can create a green version of pretty much anything he imagines, though it’s useless against anything colored yellow. The hero’s name comes from his ring’s recharger, a green lantern.

Let us know who you think would be best in the role:

Who will be the best Green Lantern?(answers)

We’d still love to see Nathan Fillion in the role. Would you? Write in your nominations below.

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