JonGosseli_CPe_57948259_600 Police were called to the infamous Gosselin house Thursday night after Jon and Kate Gosselin got into a loud verbal tussle.

Apparently, Jon Gosselin would not let Kate in the house and  Stephanie Santoro, his nanny, was in there with him. has reported that Jon has spent the night with Santoro, 23. She's the former cocktail waitress, single mom and aspiring nude model, according to her online "resume."

One source told, "Kate showed up at the house unexpectedly. It's Jon's scheduled time to be there with the kids."

When Jon refused to let her in, Kate reportedly started screaming at Jon about his relationship with Santoro – the nanny hired by Jon, and not Kate.

The screaming was so loud, someone called 911. Bet it was Stephanie?

Police arrived, but no arrests were made. Kate left and checked into a local hotel.

Don't worry, Kate. Jon will heading to a party in Vegas soon with his French fashion designer pal, Christian Audigier.  Then you can fumigate the place.

We'd be annoyed too, if our ex was in our house with his nanny and wouldn't let us in.

What's next, restraining orders? And where were the kids? Hope they didn't hear or see this mess.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead