jeremy london melissa tv guide party Cops refute Jeremy London's wife's claim of other Palm Springs kidnapingsRest easy, nervous Palm Springs residents, vacationers and tourists.

It’s not at all likely that you will ever be kidnapped, robbed and forced to do drugs, like poor Jeremy London says he was.

Desite London’s wife Melissa Cunningham‘s claims about a rash of kidnappings, there have been no other incidents like this, according to Palm Springs law officials.

Jeremy London’s wife Melissa has recently revealed to Radaronline that she was actually with her husband when they were kidnapped at a local Jack in the Box.

But the accused kidnappers let Jeremy (who was driving) drop Melissa off at her home  — at her request — making them the most polite (and stupid) kidnappers ever. Then they stole money from Jeremy, bought drugs and forced him to smoke drugs for twelve hours until he escaped.

]]>told Radaronline that there have been a rash of these kinds of kidnappings in Palm Springs. And she hopes it doesn’t happen to anyone else  — even people who are suspicious about this fantastic tale. “Police told us this is the new thing to do down here… rob people at gunpoint and make them do drugs so they won’t be reliable witnesses. It’s happening more and more.” Detective Steve Douglas of Palm Springs police department  said — in so many words — that Melissa’s claim is a bunch of hooey.  “There haven’t been any incidents that I can recall, of gang members kidnapping tourists with flat tires and then forcing them to do drugs.” It also been reported that both Jeremy and his wife Melissa are undergoing regular drug testing in the ongoing custody case over their 3-year-old son, Lyrik, who is currently being cared for by Melissa’s mother. What do you think the outcome of all this will be? Does anyone else think this couple’s story is full of holes and absurdities? Follow Zap2it and follow Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz Photo credit: Getty

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead