corey feldman corey haim Corey Feldman on 'Lost Boys' co star Corey Haim: 'I don't think this was a suicide'Corey Feldman says he does not believe his “The Lost Boys” co-star and longtime friend, Corey Haim, took his own life.

“I don’t think this was a suicide, and I don’t think it was an intentional overdose,” Feldman said in an interview with “The Early Show” on Thursday (Mar. 11).

]]>“The Two Coreys.” Feldman and Haim had a falling out during the taping for their reality show’s second season. Haim, who had long battled addiction problems, had a substance abuse relapse. Feldman got fed up, and the show was canceled in 2008. However, the two had apparently mended their relationship since then. Feldman says earlier this week when he spoke to Haim, he was committed to caring for his cancer-stricken mother. “This is a man who was pushing forward and more than anything in the world wanted to be there for his mother,” says Feldman. Haim’s agent, Mark Heaslip, told the “The Early Show” on Thursday that Haim had been sober and that “the whole thing is a shock to me.” Heaslip said he’d spoken with Haim’s mother, who was there when Corey collapsed. “[She said] Corey was running a fever, 99 to 101 temperature, and I didn’t even get a chance to talk to Corey, says Heaslip. “I talked to him the day before that; [His mother] said he’s resting, he didn’t look like he was overdosed at all. He was just running a temperature. He was laying in bed. And that night, Corey, he went to sleep, and he asked his mom to come into the room because he was having breathing problems, ‘Would you lie next to me in bed?’ So she laid next to him in the bed, and she told Corey to roll on your side to see if it would help you breathe better and Corey said he started feeling better. So they both went to sleep, and then between 12 and one, she heard someone walking around the room and she opened her eyes and it was Corey and he just fell right to the ground.” Police say Haim was taking over-the-counter and prescription medications when he collapsed at the Burbank apartment he shared with his mother.  Authorities report that his death was most likely due to an accidental prescription overdose. Feldman and Heaslip’s full “Early Show” interviews below:
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