corey haim tooth ebay Corey Haim's tooth pulled from eBay, links to prescription drug ringIt’s not yet known what drugs were found near Corey Haim‘s body when he died on Wednesday (March 10) at age 38. And we still do not know what the official cause of death was — and won’t until toxicology reports come in a few weeks.

The latest sad report is that Haim’s belongings are for sale on eBay to raise money for his burial. But this isn’t the first time Haim’s personal effects have been on eBay.

]]> hair on eBay. According to celebrity memorabilia company Startifacts, he also tried to hawk a decayed molar in December 2001. The tooth was pulled (sorry) for violation of the site’s rules about the sale of body parts. If Corey’s life and death isn’t a cautionary tale, we don’t know what is. To make matters even sadder, investigators have now found that an “unauthorized” prescription in Corey Haim‘s name links him to an illegal prescription-drug operation. According to the California Attorney General’s office, the ring orders prescription pads using unknowing doctor’s identities. The pads are sold to addicts or to people paid to fill the prescription and sell the drugs.  “We know there was a prescription pad stolen and there was a prescription written for him using that pad, so it was fraudulent, and we know it was filled,” Attorney General’s office spokeswoman Christine Gasparac tells People . Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz. More Corey Haim dish: Corey Haim dating ‘Rock of Love’s’ Daisy de la Hoya prior to death
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead