A 15-second video that was reportedly shot by 31-year-old Cory Monteith some time before his tragic death in Vancouver has made its way to the internet.
According to Canada’s Global News, Monteith was onboard an Air Canada flight from Japan to Vancouver when a flight attendant named Sheila approached and asked the “Glee” star to make a video for her boyfriend’s daughter, Mallory.
“Mallory, hey I’m Cory. I’m Sheila’s friend,” Monteith says to camera. “And I just wanted to record this video for you guys just to let you know to stay out of trouble, and stay in school.”
Monteith died July 13 as the result of a lethal cocktail of heroin and alcohol. His body was found in a hotel room after he failed to check out on time.
Posted by:mchance