A whole bunch of digital ink has been spilled on the fact that “Cougar Town” is both a lame title for a show and one that does not come close to representing what the show is now.

So with Season 3 now less than two weeks away — it premieres on Valentine’s Day — the cast decided to try their hands at coming up with a new title for the show, and filmed it for Funny or Die. The results were … less than auspicious.

Whether it’s “Cougar’s Creek” (Busy Philipps) or “Cougar Town City” (Brian Van Holt) or any of the various eponymous titles Courteney Cox tried out, no one seemed to come up with the right mix (although “Modern Friends” isn’t all that bad). And we’d totally watch Josh Hopkins‘ suggested spinoff “Graysons of Anarchy.”

One positive from the show’s poor title? The running gag of the producers making fun of it in the opening credits continues in the new season. It premieres at 8:30 p.m. ET Tuesday, Feb. 14. 

Posted by:Rick Porter