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When Korbi TV hit the press line for “Cougar Town” at PaleyFest last Friday, we had a minor revelation while talking to star Ian Gomez (Andy). 
His onscreen marriage with Christa Miller (Ellie) — who happens to be co-creator Bill Lawrence‘s in-real-life wife — is one of TV’s most solid unions.
Sure, she bosses him around. And sure, he seems a bit afraid of her. But, at the end of the day, Ellie usually just lets Andy do what he wants because she trusts him. And she has every reason to.
He gets wasted at a dry dock boat party with his boys and a bunch of single girls and what happens?
He drunk dials his wife.
Because he misses her mean a–. 
“You two actually like each other,” I said to Ian, during our pre-panel chat.  
“Oh, yeah, fully,” he answered. “And she finds him very sexy — I mean, who wouldn’t? — It’s great. Especially on a show about people who are split up and trying to find a good relationship and having trouble doing it, the fact that we have a great relationship is really nice. And plus, the fact that I’m not just a henpecked husband, that there’s different levels to it, it’s really nice.”
We agree.
The weird thing is, we walked into the panel a half hour after talking to Ian, and screened this Wednesday’s (Mar. 10) episode, which just so happens to focus quite heavily on Andy and Ellie’s marriage. 
We talked more about said marriage with Bill and Christa too, which you’ll see in the clip below. 
Bill, by the way, walked out to introduce the ep that evening with both of his hands raised high in the air — as if he’d just won the NBA finals or something — and immediately announced to the audience that he only did so to annoy his wife who was backstage and thinks it’s ridiculous.
During the panel, he cracked several jokes at her expense. The best: “Courteney [Cox] is nicer than her character on the show. Christa? Slightly meaner.”   
He then broke into adorable, self-satisfied laughter while she feigned anger.
We want a marriage like that!!
Take a look at two of them in action.
And, as a bonus, there’s a clip of sweet Travis (the talented Dan Byrd) below and he’s talking about his insane role in this week’s ep. Let’s just say it involves large fish and white trash and leave it at that… 

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