“Cougar Town” fans hoping for movement on the Travis-and-Laurie front this season might have to wait a while.

“It’s still sort of being drawn out,” Dan Byrd, who plays Travis, said when Zap2it visited the show’s set — the interview above took place inside Travis’ rather unkempt new apartment.

“We deal with it a little bit early on this season,” Busy Philipps (Laurie) says. “We have a nice storyline in one episode where you say it’s not easy for Travis to be constantly put in this position by Laurie.”

Season 3 of “Cougar Town” will also, apparently, be the season of Travis wearing things on his head. Byrd spends most of the first seven episodes wearing a helmet — as he explains, it’s the result of a hair-based dispute between Byrd and creators Kevin Biegel and Bill Lawrence — and toward the end of the season … we’ll let him tell it.

“Spoiler alert: I have an iPad taped to my face for a couple scenes,” he says. (He doesn’t exactly explain why, but we’re sure looking forward to it now.)

The reason that Travis and Laurie is even potentially a thing is because of how well Philipps and Byrd get along — which is evident throughout the video. Philipps says it’s the tightest-knit set she’s worked on since “Freaks and Geeks,” and Byrd adds that Lawrence purposely hires people he thinks will get along.

“He does pretty thorough background checks on people,” Byrd says, talking to other producers to make sure he’s not casting a difficult actor. And sometimes wedding planners, apparently

“My wedding planner is friends with Courteney [Cox],” Philipps says. “… My wedding planner called me — this was before I had the part — and she’s like, ‘I just got a call from Courteney asking if I liked working with you and how you are as a person. I think you’re gonna get the job!'”

“Cougar Town” premieres at 8:30 p.m. ET Tuesday (Feb. 14) on ABC. You can go here to see more interviews with the cast.

Posted by:Rick Porter