cougar town big kimo 'Cougar Town' name change: For real this time! Would you watch 'Friends With Beverages'?Cougar Town‘s” show title has long plagued its creators, cast, and fans. Simply put, the show isn’t about cougars (neither the big cats nor the ladies who seek out younger men). Showrunners Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel considered changing the name before Season 2, but ultimately failed to come up with an alternative that was worth the potential damage to the branding.

Instead, they spent the season mocking the name — in every episode title card, they included a new joke poking fun at their misleading title, adding taglines like “100% Cougar Free” and “New Year’s Resolution: Embrace our stupid title and lose six pounds!”

The time has come, though, to actually change the title. For real this time.

On Friday, Lawrence tweeted, “Screw it. I’m changing it (if Kevin’s cool w it. Someone ask him for me). Seriously, we just decided. Will use fans to help w new title.” He clarified that while he and Biegel did come up with the original title, which they thought would help sell the show to execs, the premise of the show changed as the season developed.

“We thought we’d do campy show about woman re-entering world,” he continued. “Now Cougar Town is show about adult friendships and drinking. And it’s called Cougar Town. I hate myself.”

Despite the name change, Lawrence promises to continue with the fan favorite title cards that poke fun at their situation.

Thus far, his favorite fan suggestion seems to be “Friends with Beverages.” What do you think, Zappers? Would you watch that show?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie