courtney cox cougar town gallery tbs 325 'Cougar Town' on TBS: The same show, but with more nudityFans of “Cougar Town” won’t notice much difference between the show that aired on ABC for three years and the new season that premieres on TBS Tuesday (Jan. 8). At least that’s the plan.

“Transition-wise, it was easy because [Turner programming chief Michael Wright] was actually a fan of the show,” co-creator Bill Lawrence said Friday (Jan. 4) at the TV Critics Association winter press tour. “… When we first started doing the deal, he said all I really want you guys to do is deliver the same show you’ve done the previous three years.

“Other than that, there’s a little nudity” — one of the early episodes features Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) trying a “naked day” to keep their new marriage interesting. “That’s the only thing. I heard someone’s podcast saying the only big difference is we shifted from Brian Van Holt not wearing his shirt all the time to Josh Hopkins not wearing his shirt all the time.”

Cox, who’s also an executive producer of “Cougar Town,” says the enthusiasm TBS has shown for the show has filtered down to the cast and crew.

“It’s been a great feeling. I’m so happy,” Cox says. “It feels like a brand new show that hasn’t changed. It feels like we’re out there, and I feel like it just started, yet we’ve been doing it and we feel so comfortable. They sent us to Napa to do a press junket. Like, really? That’s like the nicest thing I’ve ever [experienced].”

“Cougar Town” premieres on TBS at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Posted by:Rick Porter