cougar town blue sunday tbs 'Cougar Town' premieres on TBS: Welcome back, cul de sac crewThere are lots of things to like about the Season 4 premiere of “Cougar Town.”

The jokes about Grayson being Jules’ “coffee b****,” for instance, and pretty much every moment Bobby and Ellie share a scene together. Tom at the window, again and forever.

Mostly, though, the feeling watching the premiere — the show’s first episode on TBS — is one of warmth.

“Cougar Town” is a show where not a lot happens, and that may be part of the reason the series has never been a big hit. It’s seven people hanging around, usually in one of two places, drinking and goofing one another, often hugging at the end.

But for those of us who do like it, it’s like hanging out with old friends. Creators Kevin Biegel and Bill Lawrence aren’t running the show anymore, but new EP Ric Swartzlander has ensured that the rhythms of the show are the same, the characters intact. That the show gained a new life after being dropped by ABC only makes it a little sweeter.

What did you think of the “Cougar Town” premiere? Are you happy to have the show back?

Posted by:Rick Porter