cougar town braveheart 'Cougar Town': Sarah Chalke heats things up, plus   wine fountain!Courteney Cox made her directorial debut on Tuesday night’s (March 6) episode of “Cougar Town.” The episode saw Andy get his “Braveheart” on facing down a band of misfit bicycle boys, Laurie have a relationship with an Army guy on Twitter and Bobby get a chance at love with Trav’s photography professor, played by the lovely “Scrubs” alum Sarah Chalke.

Directorially, it wasn’t much different than a normal episode of the show (not that we expected it to be really out of the ordinary or something). We did love the bird’s eye shot of the opening “newspaper jinx.” And the final face-off with the bicycle boys was fun. The shot of them lurching into the sand reminded us of when the Wheelers skated into the Deadly Desert in “Return to Oz,” but that’s probably just us being weird.

There were plenty of humorous highlights:

  • “Short ‘n Wide” – that really should be a clothing chain
  • Jules says she “wine-watched” a documentary. We may or may not have a husband who says sometimes we get “wine-mad.”
  • Grayson’s underwear modeling gig – they could’ve gone J.C. Penney or Sears. But no – Montgomery Ward. Outstanding.
  • We shall now be referring to our lady parts as “Berts and Ernie.”
  • There should be more side-bars about various things, like Grayson and Ellie’s side-bar about whether Laurie was being racist.
  • And dear lord – a wine fountain. The show managed to top Big Carl. If it has any hopes to top the wine fountain, it may have to be a wine kiddie pool.
  • It’s also awesome to see Tom get included so much.

We’re definitely ready for Bobby to have a relationship on the show – we can’t wait to see next week’s episode, which also features Sarah Chalke, along with a bunch of other “Scrubs” alums).

What did you think of “Cougar Town” tonight?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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