cougar town the todd 'Cougar Town': 'Scrubs' in Florida, with lots of wineNo, “Cougar Town” is not just “Scrubs” in Florida with lots of wine. But the “Scrubs” reunion on Tuesday night’s (March 13) episode was a lot, plus it’s a shout-out to the “other” title this episode.

So Bobby has his first date with Angie, Travis’ photography professor. Jules, in typical beast control mode (with her heart in the right place), tries to plan it all out perfectly, but naturally Bobby biffs at every turn. We aren’t sure we’ve seen a worst first date on TV – dead manatees really iced that cake.

But in the end, a romantic moment is achieved and Bobby gets to kiss Angie – which is the way he reels a woman in, as he’s the best kisser Jules has ever been with. Poor no. 7 Grayson.

The “Scrubs” cameos were awesome – not only does Christa Miller star on “Cougar Town,” and Sarah Chalke is a recurring guest star, but the Peons were there staying with Jules on their way to audition at Disney World, Ken Jenkins pops in as Jules’ dad and Zach Braff and Robert Maschio are in the end tag as a pizza delivery boy and a pool cleaner, respectively.

Other fun comedy highlights:

  • “Spit out your dip, I’m comin’ in.” – most romantic first kiss line ever, right?
  • Tom as a group exploder was hysterical, though we hope that’s a gimmick for this episode and not poor Tom having to go back to being an outsider nobody likes.
  • Did you catch Miller calling Chalke “blondie”?
  • And “You can’t break up a fight with your shirt on, haven’t you ever seen ‘Roadhouse'”? And then he calls her a dummy. Bobby Cobb FTW!
  • And this exchange was priceless: “I caught one of them smelling my toothbrush.” “I’m sure that’s all he did.”

What did you think, “Cougar Town” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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