cougar town s4 2 'Cougar Town' Season 4 is officially under wayThe “Cougar Town” cast and crew got together Wednesday (Aug. 8) to begin production on the show’s fourth season — and first on TBS. We know this because actress Busy Philipps and co-creator Kevin Biegel each shared photos of the cast’s table read.

That’s one of Philipps’ shots at the top of the post, showing her and co-stars Courteney Cox and Christa Miller holding the first script of the season. She and Biegel also posted photos of the table read on their respective Twitter feeds — and some of Biegel’s other tweets should put to rest the fears among “Cougar Town” fans that he and co-creator Bill Lawrence aren’t the day-to-day showrunners anymore.

Both attended the table read, and Biegel notes that Lawrence wrote the script for the Season 4 premiere. So while Ric Swartzlander is now the man in charge, it hardly seems as though Lawrence and Biegel have left the show entirely.

Here are more shots from Philipps (the first one below) and Biegel from the table read for “Cougar Town’s” Season 4 premiere. The show will premiere on TBS early next year.

cougar town s4 1 'Cougar Town' Season 4 is officially under way
cougar town s4 biegel 'Cougar Town' Season 4 is officially under way

Posted by:Rick Porter