It was perhaps inevitable that “Cougar Town” would end up using “Spill the Wine,” the 1970 psychedelic groove by Eric Burdon and War, in one of its promos. In fact, it’s not hard to wonder why it took this long.

(Oh yeah. Because ABC didn’t do a ton of promotion for the show.)

TBS, however, is putting some marketing muscle behind its new acquisition, which begins its cable life on Jan. 8. The new teaser features the song, some appropriately trippy graphics, and the cast spilling wine all over their white clothes, with Courteney Cox getting the last and biggest splash.

It also got us thinking about how Cox’s two most famous characters would react. Monica Geller would likely be appalled at all the mess, while Jules Cobb would have to be wondering why the cul-de-sac crew was wasting so much perfectly good wine.

Hit play at the top of the post, enjoy the new “Cougar Town” promo, and just try to keep “Spill the Wine” out of your head the rest of the day.

Posted by:Rick Porter