christa miller ian gomez cougar town season 6 premiere tbs 'Cougar Town' Season 6 premiere goes for absurdity
Yeah, the Season 6 premiere of “Cougar Town” is seriously weird. But, honestly, that’s not a bad thing.

The ABC-turned-TBS show has always been extremely self-aware of itself — hello, weekly comments from the writers to the viewers via the opening — and “American Dream Plan B” somehow manages to take it to the next level — like a “This Is Our Last Season and We Can Do What Ever We Want” kind of level.

The episode — which sadly does not feature Bobby (Brian Van Holt) — starts out with Jules (Courteney Cox) throwing a fake baby at Travis (Dan Byrd) to test his parental preparedness and things just get more insane from there.

From Laurie (Busy Philipps) chucking nickel-filled socks at people who upset her to Tom (Bob Clendenin) creating a speakeasy in his garage so the cul-de-sac crew can drink wine freely — even though they promise Laurie they won’t drink during her pregnancy — the episode leaves the realm of reality and enters an absurd world that only “Cougar Town” can exist in.

However, the best — and most self-aware element — of the episode is the constant callback to the fact that the show pretty much hasn’t mentioned that Grayson (Josh Hopkins) has an actual, literal, real-life, breathing daughter in a seriously long time. To highlight that fact even more, Grayson spends almost the entirety of episode pretending like he’s Laurence Fishburne’s character from “The Matrix” while he teaches Travis how to be a good father. Because, you know, Grayson knows how to be a father since he supposedly has a daughter that viewers obviously haven’t forgotten about.*

Now that “Cougar Town” has officially accepted its voice for what it is, it can finally break free from the chains of its name — sorry, cougars — and do its own thing. You do you, Season 6 of “Cougar Town.” You do you.

*Right, like you didn’t forget he has a daughter, too.

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Posted by:Casey Rackham