cougar town tbs 'Cougar Town' season finale: 5 things to expectAs “Cougar Town” ends Season 4, its first season as a member of the TBS family (and not its last — yay!), the little show that could winds down with a two-part episode that tackles head-on some of the heavy material this season has hinted at.

Zap2it had the good fortune to catch a sneak peek of the finale (airing tonight at 10 p.m. on TBS). Without further ado, here’s what you can look forward to:

Laurie and Travis give dating a try:
Only it’s not so easy. Throughout the hour, the two struggle with the transition from a friendship to something more after they finally came clean to one another last week. Watch to see if these two ever get their first kiss.

Grayson gets bit by the acting bug, again:
A trip to Hollywood (more about that later) reminds Grayson about his dreams of being an actor. While it may never happen for him, he certainly tries, to hilarious effect.

Andy discovers The Latin Connection: Ellie’s other half struggles to feel connected to his Latin heritage, but a run-in with a Hispanic concierge while in L.A. forced Gulfhaven’s newest mayor to dig deep and tap into his roots.

Jules confused the Hollywood Walk of Fame for a graveyard: Seriously, Courtney Cox‘s reaction is one of her finest comic moments in the episode.

Chick faces a health scare: Jules’ dad’s health was mentioned earlier in the season, so it’s no surprise that it becomes the focus of the finale. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that Chick’s health causes the gang to head out West, visit Hollywood, and give the old coot an experience he won’t ever forget.

Posted by:Billy Nilles