courteney cox cougar town 320 'Cougar Town': Should Jules and Grayson keep this thing going?It was the make out that most “Cougar Town” fans have been anticipating for months. All season, really.

Last Wednesday (April 28), Jules and Grayson finally gave in to their incessant flirting and relieved some of that sexual tension with a tender lip lock.
What happened after that, well, clearly they spent some quality time in the bedroom. Or maybe in that crazy new bathtub Jules seems to be so fond of.
Who knows?
Point is, they’ve crossed a line for sure. Past friends to … Friends with benefits? Casually dating? Boyfriend and girlfriend? 
Clearly, the bf-gf thing isn’t going to work. It’s too early in the series for them to go there.
Or is it?
I don’t know.
What do you think?
Should Jules and Grayson keep this physical thing going? Get a little serious about what they have together? Or stop touching each other all together because their friendship is at risk?
Comment below…
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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh