cougar town lou diamond phillips1 'Cougar Town': Starring Lou Diamond Phillips as himselfYou may have heard that Lou Diamond Phillips is guest-starring on “Cougar Town” later this season. We now have photographic proof.

Phillips plays himself in the episode scheduled for Wednesday, May 4. He’s a customer of Grayson’s (Josh Hopkins).

To say more would be venturing into spoiler territory, which we don’t want to do. But we can tell you that the Phillips-Grayson story is a subplot in the episode, which centers on Jules (Courteney Cox) trying to take a step back while Travis (Dan Byrd) makes a big decision. We’re sure that goes well. The crew also sets up a “council” to mete out punishment in an effort to stop taking each other for granted.

We can also offer up a couple more of Phillips’ appearance. Whatever it is that Grayson’s peddling, it appears Phillips is satisfied with it.

cougar town lou diamond phillips2 'Cougar Town': Starring Lou Diamond Phillips as himselfAs for this one, we just like the goofy look on Hopkins’ face.

cougar town lou diamond phillips3 'Cougar Town': Starring Lou Diamond Phillips as himself“Cougar Town” returns at 9:30 p.m. ET Monday (April 18) with a one-time airing after “Dancing With the Stars”; it moves back to its regular 9:30 Wednesday home on April 20.

Posted by:Rick Porter