cougar town graduation 'Cougar Town': What would you rename it?“Cougar Town” will be back on ABC next season — that much we already know. But there’s a chance that when it does return, it won’t be called “Cougar Town.”

The title has apparently kept some people away from the show — and it’s also not really reflective of the series it has become over the course of its first season. What started out as a show about a newly single, 40ish but still hot mom (Courteney Cox) re-entering the dating pool has become much more of an extended-family show revolving around Cox’s Jules, her son (Dan Byrd), their cul-de-sac neighbors (Josh Hopkins, Christa Miller and Ian Gomez) and her co-worker Laurie (Busy Philipps).

Co-creator Bill Lawrence, who defended the show’s “noisy” title before “Cougar Town” debuted last fall, has had some second thoughts — and apparently ABC and ABC Studios has as well. He says he likes the title “Friends and Neighbors,” joking that “the ‘Friends’ part should be written in the same font as Courteney’s old show.”

That’s not a bad title — “Friends” font or no — and much more representative of what the show is now. We kicked around a list of possible new titles in the Zap2it newsroom as well and came up with a list of several alternates (some more serious than others):

– “Family Jules” (can’t take credit for this one, as we’ve seen it elsewhere online, but we like its puntastic-ness anyway)
– “Wine, Women and Song” (elements of nearly every episode lately)
– “Exes and Ohs” (just because)
– “Cobb Mentality” (after Jules and ex-husband Bobby’s (Brian Van Holt) last name)
– “The One with the Real Estate Agent” (another nod to “Friends”)

What about you? What would you rename “Cougar Town”?

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