zach braff oct 2011 gi 'Cougar Town': Zach Braff comes aboard for a 'Scrubs' reunionWhen Bill Lawrence was running “Scrubs,” he had a bunch of actors from his previous show, “Spin City,” appear as guest stars. Now that he’s moved on to “Cougar Town,” he’s continued the cycle by having several former “Scrubs” stars do guest roles.

That list is about to grow: “Scrubs” star Zach Braff and semi-regular Robert Maschio, aka The Todd, are set to appear on “Cougar Town” this season. But that’s not all: The episode in which they’re guest-starring, TVLine reports, will be a full-blown “Scrubs” reunion that also features Sarah Chalke, Ken Jenkins and Sam Lloyd, in addition to “CT” regular Christa Miller.

As previously reported, Chalke will have a recurring part on the show as Bobby’s (Brian Van Holt) new girlfriend. Jenkins is reprising his role as Jules’ (Courteney Cox) father, and Lloyd will continue his “Scrubs”-world crossover as Ted. Just who Braff and Maschio will be playing remains a secret for now — but we’d love to see a scene between Maschio and “Cougar Town’s” female answer to The Todd, Barb (Carolyn Hennesy).

Braff has kinda-sorta appeared on “Cougar Town” before: An early Season 1 episode had a “Scrubs” episode playing on Jules’ TV in the background, and he lent his voice to Laurie’s (Busy Philipps) “app app” in an episode last year.

In other “Cougar Town” news, we deduce from Lawrence’s Twitter feed that a couple of cast cameos in other shows are on the horizon. Cox and Miller’s “Private Practice” cameo is likely to air Thursday (Oct. 27), and you may also want to keep an eye on “Castle” in the next week or two.

Posted by:Rick Porter