cougar town 0221 'Cougar Town': Zip lines, horses and fake murders, or, another day on the cul de sacIs there anything more melancholy than a super-slow two-man zip line? We’re not sure there is, even though we’d never witnessed one or even heard of the idea before watching Tuesday’s (Feb. 21) “Cougar Town.”

“A Mind With a Heart of Its Own” wasn’t exactly plot-heavy. But the stories in the episode — Jules asking Ellie and Laurie to be her co-maids of honor and Grayson asking Jules’ dad for his permission — served as a nice frame to hang a few great visual gags like the aforementioned two-man zip line (Andy and Bobby, of course) and a typically strong array of jokes, and best of all, they arose naturally out of who these people are.

Some of our favorites from the episode:

Fake murders. Seems when Andy and Ellie have a fight over something small and stupid, they stage a fake murder scene, allowing the pent-up annoyance to find a healthy outlet — or more healthy than actual homicide, anyway. Plus, we have to assume that the planning and carrying out of the staged scenes foster a sense of togetherness. Right?

Bobby’s disappointment. His idea to link Jules and Grayson’s houses is actually kind of sweet. The execution, as tends to happen with Bobby Cobb ideas, is lacking, and Jules refuses to use it (at least not until Ellie finds out the timeline for asking Laurie to be her co-MoH was off). Our favorite line, maybe of the entire episode, arises from the plan’s failure: “I’m not smart enough to give someone a metaphor.”

(We should also note, by the way, that this episode begins a pretty big run of gratuitous Bobby Cobb shirtlessness. So there’s that to look forward to.)

Grayson, Chick and the horse. The way Chick and Travis messed with Grayson on Chick’s ranch (“Your grandpa lives on a ranch?” “Yeah — his name is Chick, he calls people ‘puddin’,’ he has both formal and informal overalls”) pretty well nailed the still-uneasy relationship Grayson has with his future father-in-law. Josh Hopkins also plays Grayson’s bouts of uneasiness really nicely.

This. Laurie, explaining how happy she is that Jules and Grayson are getting married: “It’s so romantic, like that movie ‘Inception’ when Leo loves his wife so much, but then she gets mad and moves to that weird city where there’s, like, no people and earthquakes all the time, then he ends up on snow mountain and falls in love with Juno?”

Ellie: “Oh, Jellybean,” you didn’t understand that movie at all, didja?”

Laurie: “No, but I cried so hard at the end.”

As we said last week, it’s just nice to have “Cougar Town” back. We hope the ratings can improve, but we’re plenty happy to settle in and enjoy this season.

What did you think of the show this week?

Posted by:Rick Porter