brian van holt cougar town 320 'Cougar Town's' Brian Van Holt on Bobby Cobb's impending heartbreakThe first season of the ridiculously funny “Cougar Town” comes to a close this Wednesday (May 19) with Jules concocting an elaborate plan to finally tell Bobby that she and Grayson are a couple.  

It’s a tough job and nobody wants to do it. 
The whole crew spends most of the finale trying to figure out how it’ll go down… Pretty sensitive treatment for a guy who cheated on Jules left and right during their marriage, but I guess this is just a very understanding, forgiving group. 

Korbi TV got a bit of quality time with Brian Van Holt (Bobby) and Ian Gomez (Andy) who were cool enough to tell us how B.C. will react to the news… 

So in the season finale, Jules and Grayson are desperately trying to decide on the best way to tell Bobby they’ve been hooking up. How does he take it?
Ian Gomez: Not good
Brian Van Holt: Can I answer my own question?
IG: Nope. 
BVH: Please finish my sentences for me like you always do.
IG: (To KTV) Can we have a minute?
BVH: Bobby doesn’t really take it well at first and we’ll find out his true reaction next season. He’s affected by it, for sure.
Poor Bobby!

Do you feel bad for the inventor of the world’s greatest game, Penny Can?
Would you be willing to spend the night on his dry dock boat if it meant helping him through this tough time?
The first season finale of “Cougar Town” airs Wednesday, May 19 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC

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