cougar town cast abc 'Cougar Town's' Dan Byrd: Cast rallies around Courteney Cox's marital meltdownCourteney Cox is still hurting from the meltdown of her marriage to David Arquette while the two were filming “Scream 4,” but Dan Byrd, her TV son on ABC’s “Cougar Town,” says the actress is keeping things in perspective.

“It does [affect us on the set] to a certain degree, I guess, but [she’s] such a professional. She’s definitely going through stuff, but it doesn’t really leak into her working life too much,” Byrd tells Zap2it.

“But we’re not just a part of her working life, we’re part of her personal life, too. We’re friends and we confide in each other. We talk, and everybody has done everything they can to really get behind her and be the best support system possible. When it gets down to us actually doing a scene, though, it’s the exact same as it’s always been. She’s got such perspective on the whole situation that it really hasn’t affected our working environment that much at all.”

Byrd says he hasn’t had a chance to see “Scream 4” yet, but he’s looking forward to finding out how Cox’s familiar movie character registers with him now that the two are friends. “You try to lose yourself in the [movie] experience, but you have a whole new view on this person. It’s always a fun thing to see people you know in films or TV.”

Posted by:John Crook