josh hopkins cougar town 'Cougar Town's' Josh Hopkins cast in NBC pilot 'Lady Friends'“Cougar Town” star Josh Hopkins has just been cast as the leading man in “Lady Friends,” a comedy pilot about two female friends. Hopkins would play the husband to Andrea Anders’ character Nicole, reports TV Line.

The “Lady Friends” pilot is taking “second position” to “Cougar Town,” which means that if the cul-de-sac crew returns, “Lady Friends” has to find a new male lead. A similar thing happened for “Happy Endings” and “New Girl” last season, when Damon Wayans Jr. had to be replaced on “New Girl” after “Endings” was rather unexpectedly renewed.

Does this mean some Hollywood insiders know “Cougar Town” is done for? No. “Cougar Town” has never been a lock to come back – the ratings for its midseason return were below last season’s average. And “Cougar Town” creator Bill Lawrence immediately took to Twitter to allay the fans’ fears that this spells the end of the Courteney Cox comedy. Lawrence tweets:

  • Letting my cast do pilots in 2nd position. Hoping they get parts, then
    have to be replaced (like Damon Wayans Jr. Happy Endings/New Girl)
  • Heard Josh Hop got a pilot. Congrats @MrJoshHopkins : I look forward to them having to replace you. (Either way you win – psyched!)
  • Guys – still think the odds of Cougar Town coming back are the same –
    but if it’s coin flip, don’t want actors to be jobless/cashless.
  • I want them to go out, make $$, then have to be recast because our show comes back. I still believe – Promise…
  • Doesn’t change anything – just want friends to have safety net. We come back, then the other show is screwed.
  • If our show comes back, they can’t use Josh on other show, but he keeps
    the $$$. They’re betting against us – that’s how it works.
  • So in that scenario – no, ABC wouldn’t let him work there. Be a nice problem to have. Fingers crossed.
  • Yeah, I’m still betting we will survive, and that pilot will be screwed. But I’m an optimistic guy.

So, don’t start the wailing and gnashing of teeth just yet, “Cougar Town” fans. Instead, concentrate your efforts on getting more people to watch.

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