prince harry jennifer lawrence gi Could Prince Harry and Jennifer Lawrence be the next royal couple?Prince Harry and Jennifer Lawrence would be the most amazing royal couple ever. Between his naked Vegas antics and her pot smoking, Oscar winning, middle finger flipping ways, a Harry and J-Law romance would present the most merry royal watching opportunities in recent history.

Alas, it’s probably just a rumor, but Perez Hilton reports Harry hopes to hang out with Jennifer when he hits the states after his tour of duty for British military forces in Afghanistan ends in May. A source tells Perez Harry has had his entourage extend an invitation to Jenn to meet him in New York.

“Harry thinks Jennifer is a girl after his own heart, very chill and out for a good time,” says the insider. “Harry is looking for a serious relationship and is ready to settle down. And the way he’s thinking right now he could end up with a Hollywood wife.”

And no better choice than the most eligible bachelorette in Hollywood. Lawrence split from longtime boyfriend Nicholas Hoult right in the middle of her awards season sweep.

So, what say you? Is a Prince Harry and J-Law romance in the cards?

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