steven moffat doctor who sherlock end gi Could Steven Moffat end 'Doctor Who' before 'Sherlock'?

“Doctor Who” and “Sherlock” executive producer Steven Moffat might not stick with both shows forever. And he is likely to give up “Doctor Who” before “Sherlock.”

Moffat hints at this choice in a recent interview with Assignment X. “Eventually, I’ll stop doing ‘Doctor Who,’ because it stops me doing anything else,” Moffat says. “But ‘Sherlock’ doesn’t swamp my schedule, doesn’t swamp anyone. So I could imagine we’ll come back and do ‘Sherlock’ fairly often for many years, rather than very often for a few years.”

While excellent news for “Sherlock” fans, Moffat’s quote might seem ominous to those who watch “Doctor Who.” Fortunately, Moffat does not seem ready to stop “Doctor Who” quite yet — production on the show’s eighth season is underway in Wales. “Sherlock,” meanwhile, is only in the early stages of development and scheduling for Seasons 4 and 5.

Moffat co-created “Sherlock” with Mark Gatiss but is the solo showrunner on “Doctor Who.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown