Country singer Mindy McCready got out of a Tennessee jail on Oct. 31 after serving 30 days of a 60-day sentence for violating parole on a 2004 drug charge.

Maybe she should have stayed longer to get her story straight.

According to Associated Press, she told Inside Edition this week about her decade-long affair with married baseball star Roger Clemens, "Carrying on a relationship with him is not something I’m proud of."

And she said she broke it off her when he wouldn’t marry her.

"We never had a meeting in secret,” McCready told Inside Edition. “We
went on vacations together. We went to Palm Springs. We went to Las
Vegas, New York City. I wanted him to do right by me … and when he
wouldn’t, I broke it off."

But McCready was quoted by the Daily News as saying:

"I didn’t want to get married to him and I don’t want to get married now. He should have done right by his family — a person is unhappy in their marriage and spending all their personal time with someone else, you need to do right by your marriage."

Keep reading for his denial and her apology…

]]>Clemens denies having an affair with McCready. According to the Associated Press, his broad statement:  "I have made mistakes in my personal life for which I am sorry."

McCready is also sorry and regrets any pain she caused the pitcher’s wife, Debbie Clemens.

"I have nothing but remorse and nothing but sympathy for what she’s had to go through with this situation, and she has my utmost apology," she told "Inside Edition."

Well, at least she apologized to the wife for having an affair with her husband.

That’s more than SOME celebrities  have done. Anyone thinking of who I’m thinking of? Brad? Angelina? Just saying…

The interesting part of this news is that McCready and Clemens may come face-to-face in the courtroom  for Clemens’ defamation suit against his former trainer Brian McNamee.

McNamee’s lawyer has said that he plans to call  her — and grill her — as a witness.

Stay tuned.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead