juan pablo galavis couples therapy 'Couples Therapy' Season 5: Why Juan Pablo Galavis is the victimJuan Pablo Galavis has gotten quite the reputation for being a bit of a diva, so imagine the shock when it was revealed on the most recent episode of “Couples Therapy” his “Bachelor” pick Nikki Ferrell was actually the nightmare in the relationship. 

Resident therapist Sarah Michael Novia warned us Ferrell felt uncomfortable in front of the cameras and my goodness — it showed. The blonde was beyond rude in the footage this week. At several points she even was heard shouting obscenities at the producers.

So wait, didn’t Ferrell do the “Bachelor”? Shouldn’t she be used to cameras following her every move? Ferrell confides to the other women on the show she is used to a different type of accommodation on a reality show — something a little more upscale, shall we say.

Hate to break it to you girl, but all things can’t be all about romance and hot tubs. Real relationships take work. Though it looked like Dr. Jenn got through to Ferrell when she suggested Nikki talk to Juan Pablo about her fears and concerns, it was sadly short lived.

After finding an unlikely friend in porn star Jenna Jameson, Ferrell refused to talk to her man and resorted to complaining about the cameras.

Ferrell’s hostility is beyond confusing as the rules at play are plainly spelled out for all “Couples Therapy” guests. Also this isn’t her first rodeo. Nikki has been on a reality show before. Who cares if this house is slightly less glamorous and invasive. The couples are supposed to be doing real work here. It isn’t supposed to be a vacation.

Seeing sweet Nikki shout at producers and constantly be rude to Juan Pablo made us feel sorry for the former “Bachelor.” Were you shocked by her behavior? More importantly, did Juan Pablo make the wrong choice with his final rose?

Posted by:Sarah Huggins