courtney-love-2012-young-courtney-love-frances-bean-cobain-skinny-90s-kurt-cobainCourtney Love still posts somewhat random musings on Twitter under the private handle @CBabymichelle. But instead of the usual aimless rambles about who is out to fleece her out of her Nirvana-enabled fortune, Love is now accusing former Nirvana drummer/Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl of hitting on her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

“I hear from Frannies roommate that @davegrohl hit on frances,” she tweeted on Tuesday (April 10), “and that she was curious, I’m not made at her, him I am about to shoot.”

She goes on to accuse Grohl — with whom she’s had a longstanding disagreement about the rights to Nirvana’s songs — of being sexually obsessed with Kurt Cobain and then shares with her 700+ followers that she knows Grohl and Frances Bean did in fact hook up because a limo driver told her so.

She, of course, takes the time to add that he hit on her multiple times, too (we’re paraphrasing here), but she resisted because, “He had that romney rape thing about him. gross old man macking on Kurt Cobain’s only child.”

“Nothing cuts thru the s*** like a gross old man macking on kurt cobains only child, she concludes.

@CBabymichelle’s bio includes the sentence, “well , i shouldnt really be here so pretend im not, as long as i dont use it when i get pissed off, well all be fine.”


Neither Frances Bean nor Grohl have addressed the allegations. Gawker notes that @davegrohl “is not the Twitter account of Nirvana/Foo Fighters musician Dave Grohl, but of a German IT guy who has not tweeted since 2008.”

Frances Bean:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson