courtney love dec 2011 gi Courtney Love served with eviction papers after turning NY rental into a holeSome things just never change. Like the reliable crazy that seems to follow Courtney Love everywhere she goes. Most recently, it apparently followed her to a townhouse in New York’s West Village — a townhouse she’s accused of setting on fire and ruining in other various ways.

According to the New York Post, Love was served with eviction papers after the home’s owner visited and was “horrified” by the condition of her $8 million property.

“Courtney has wallpapered and painted a large portion of the property without my consent,” owner Donna Lyon tells the Post. “I learned about this when I wanted to sell the house and had photographs taken. They sent me the brochure and I said, ‘This can’t be my property.’ I came to New York to see it and I was horrified by what she had done. The walls that had been hand-painted and glazed were ruined, covered in damask wallpaper and ice-blue paint.”

In June, Love reportedly scorched her hands when a candle she was burning in the home set a curtain on fire in the master bedroom.

Love leased the home for $27,000 a month and, according to court documents, is $55,000 behind in her payments. Lyon also estimates it will cost at least $100,000 to fix the damage caused by Love.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson