anderson-cooper-mocks-courtney-stodden-doug-hutchison.jpgWe respect the serious-newsman side of Anderson Cooper, but we want to hang out with the goofy, Ridiculist-creating, Courtney Stodden-mocking Anderson Cooper.

Stodden, the self-made demiceleb/teen bride of character actor Doug Hutchison, has launched a YouTube series counting down the days until she turns 18, and she also apparently wants us to become vegetarians. She makes that case in three separate videos, all of which have the same script but feature different outfits and props. They are (mostly) the subject of Cooper’s latest Ridiculist, and his takedown of the videos is pretty sublime.

“Sometimes a pepper is just a pepper, but not in this case,” he says. “Trust me. I don’t even want to show you the cucumber she found — let’s just say it was highly organic.”

The full video is below and includes Cooper finally figuring out why Courtney was making all those faces at Hutchison in their “Good Morning America” interview last year.

Posted by:Rick Porter