The “What else do we need to do to get a reality show?” tour for Courtney Stodden and hubbie Doug Hutchison stopped off at “Dr. Drew’s Life Changers” on Monday (Nov. 7).

The two were there to answer a variety of questions about their May-December relationship, including “What on earth is a 16-year-old doing marrying a 51-year-old?” They explained the marriage is not a publicity stunt and they are truely in love. Stodden even emphasized her chaste lifestyle prior to their wedding.

“I remained a virgin for 16 whole years!” she says pridefully.

But the most important issue was proving, once and for all, that Stodden is an all-natural teenager rather than the 47-year-old, surgically-altered Jersey housewife she appears to be.

To resolve these concerns, Dr. Drew hired Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. John Diaz to examine Stodden for evidence of “modifications.” Diaz seemed a little confused by Stodden’s inability to raise her eyebrows to equal heights. This indicated possible, but not certain, use of botox. He was unable to find any scarring on her eyelids, meaning she hadn’t had any work done there. But what everyone wanted to know was whether Stodden had any work done on her chest.

“I think my boobs will speak better than I can,” Stodden says before Diaz used an ultrasound on her top.

At first Diaz seemed to find something in the image indicating possible implants. Stodden disagreed.

“They must’ve drugged me up and put me under their surgery knife,” she says.

As the viewing continued, Dr. Diaz changed course, deciding she was all Courtney. This drew applause from the audience and smiles of satisfaction from Stodden and husband.

And now we can all rest easily.

Posted by:David Eckstein