christopher gorham covert affairs 'Covert Affairs': Christopher Gorham 'proud' to represent post Osama bin Laden CIAChristopher Gorham is especially glad to be playing a CIA operative following the agency’s role in eliminating Osama bin Laden.

The actor returns as blind, extremely active special-ops man Auggie Anderson — who’s been instrumental in training rookie agent Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) — when the USA adventure series “Covert Affairs” begins its second season Tuesday, June 7. As happy as he was about last year’s sizable ratings, Gorham believes current world events could add extra fuel to the show’s sophomore round.

“The news about Bin Laden gave the country something to be proud of the CIA for again,” he tells Zap2it. “Regardless of how you feel about the politics of that agency, and I certainly have some very mixed feelings about those politics, the people who work there are patriots. They really do believe in this country and believe in what they’re doing, and are doing it for what I think people would find surprisingly idealistic reasons.

“They got this right, and they did an amazing job,” Gorham adds. “And this is one of the times where the public had a chance to appreciate them for it … whereas 99 percent of the time, what they do is behind closed doors and no one ever knows. That made me very happy.”

A veteran of such other series as “Ugly Betty,” “Harper’s Island” and “Jake 2.0,” Gorham appreciates that the timing of the Bin Laden matter in relation to the return of “Covert Affairs” is “a nice coincidence. What I’m really proudest of with the part I get to play is that not only is he a CIA officer, he’s a disabled veteran.

“This is a guy who was in the military and was wounded in Iraq, and he has come back and is contributing and is capable. It’s just such an extraordinary opportunity to represent that community, which is so often overlooked, in such a positive way.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin