covert-affairs-season-4-finale-trompe-le-monde-annie-henry-usa.JPG“Covert Affairs” has come to the end of its Season 4 with a bang — a bang that managed to destroy Henry Wilcox (finally). What did you think of this ending to Annie’s life on the run? What will the CIA be like when the show returns for Season 5?

Those questions must wait for an answer. Until then, let us know what you think in the poll.
A brief summary, in case you forgot anything already

The end of one crazy season takes place mostly in China, with only occasional forays back to Washington for some office stuff. Most of that — barring the suicide of Braithwaite and Joan’s impending childbirth — isn’t terribly important. In the end, Calder’s involvement in bringing down Henry Wilcox wins him honors and career advancement opportunities.

But the important stuff happened in China, namely:

  • Annie and Henry had a face-to-face that included the TV-required parable of the scorpion and the frog. That story has seriously become a cliche in recent years!
  • After Braithwaite orders an attack that goes horribly wrong, Henry Wilcox takes Annie to a Chinese safe house.
  • When a Chinese spy arrives to ask about why a couple of Americans have decided to crash the pad, Wilcox trades Annie for political asylum.
  • We don’t get to see Annie withstand torture, because she overpowers her captor and escapes first.
  • A foot-chase through the city streets and Auggie’s ability to cause traffic problems eventually lead to Annie and Henry facing off in an alley.
  • Doing something that should have happened many moons ago, Annie pulls the trigger. We may have finally seen the end of Henry Wilcox!

But was it worth it? Who will Annie be next season? What’s the future for Annie and Auggie? We’ll have to wait until next season for that.

Posted by:Laurel Brown