dakota meyer president obama getty Cpl. Dakota Meyer receives Medal of Honor, has a beer with President ObamaCpl. Dakota Meyer, who it was announced last Wednesday (Sept. 7) would be the third living recipient of the Medal of Honor during the Iraq and Afghanistan involvements, received his award Thursday (Sept. 15) in Washington D.C.

President Obama said during the ceremony, “Dakota, I know you’ve grappled with the grief of that day, that you said
your efforts were somehow a failure because your teammates didn’t come
home. But as your commander in chief and on behalf
of everyone here today and all Americans, I want you to know it’s quite
the opposite … You did your duty, above and beyond.”

Meyer defied orders when he rode into the firefight in Afghanistan’s Ganjgal Valley, manning the gun of an armored Humvee. He received a shrapnel wound to his arm, but still managed to save 13 U.S. soldiers and 23 Afghan troops, kill 8 insurgent fighters and bring four bodies of slain soldiers back to safety.

After the ceremony, Meyer shared a beer with President Obama on the veranda outside the Oval Office.

Congratulations to Cpl. Meyer, what an absolutely tremendous display of bravery and courage.

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