Two reasons to write about “Dawson’s Creek” in two days? Zap2it officially loves Van Der Week.

Yesterday he forever changed our internet lives with the Van Der Memes, and today James Van Der Beek has bestowed yet another gift on us: “Dawson Leery, A**hole for Hire.”

In the video, the Beek from the Creek apologizes for Dawson being the unrealistic standard that girlfriends across the world hold their boyfriends to. “For anybody who’s ever wanted to beat me up because their girlfriend was a Dawson girl… this one’s for you,” he tweeted.

We think it’s pretty cute that he’s is under the adorable delusion that there are any women on earth who would have chosen Dawson over Pacey. Even his wife, Kimberly Brook, remains firmly in neutral “neither” territory. But we digress.

So for that one guy out there whose (clearly insane) girlfriend would pick Dawson, Van Der Beek offers to appear at convenient times to out-douche even your douchiest moments. Heck, when Dawson is sitting in the corner of a restaurant yelling, “Who do I have to d**k-slap to get some bread around here?” your girlfriend will barely blink when you suggest that you split the bill.

By the way, Van Der Beek tells EW that the classic crying Dawson scene was an unscripted, emotional moment. Pow. He’s not embarrassed, despite its viral popularity. “If it was someone else, I’d be like, ‘Oh man,
that poor actor. This was probably a really difficult scene for them,’
or whatever. But because it’s me, I can look at it without any pity.”

So what’s up with the rest of the Capeside crew? Katie Holmes is on the cover of Elle magazine, talking about the pressures of playing Jackie O. Michelle Williams is mad at Nightline for exploiting her grief over ex-husband Heath Ledger. And Joshua Jackson remains more awesome than everyone ever.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie