American family life just got funnier.  There have been some great comedies in which the characters could be living just next door, but with Cristela Alonzo’s new show, starting October 10th, the laughs are closer than ever.  Cristela could easily be the hilarious Mexican-American sister you wish you had before – and now here she is. 
Cristela stars in the new ABC sitcom, and in the tradition of Rosanne, headlines with her own name.  Also like Rosanne, she is building on her eight years of successful stand-up comedy.  The character Cristela is a woman in her sixth year of law school that has finally landed an – unpaid – internship. She lives with her sister (played by Maria Canals-Barrera) and brother-in-law (played by Carlos Ponce) – a couple that clearly wants Cristela out sooner than later. While not necessarily an unusual situation, its Cristela’s creative comebacks that put a modern twist on a classic American trope.  
The humor in Cristela has an ease about it that we could all use more of in our lives.  She has the timing of a Lucille Ball, with the heart of the Cosby show.  Cristela can say out loud what others only think, because of her endearing presence and honesty.
Quite simply, it is a show that makes real life more fun and one that all generations can relate to. 
Be sure to tune-in to the premiere episode on Friday 10/10 at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.
Posted by:Zap2it