jon hamm critics choice Critics Choice Awards 2011: Fact checking Jon Hamm's TV movies

When “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm and “Winter’s Bone” actress Jennifer Lawrence took the stage at the Critics Choice Awards to announce the winner of the best TV movie… they did a pretty fantastic job making fun of TV movies.

Hamm and Lawrence named off a series of absurd film titles, that Hamm admits he’s caught while drinking at 2:00 a.m.

But what many viewers may not have realized is that nearly all of the movies they mentioned are real. And — surprise, surprise — they’re all Lifetime Originals:

“My Stepson, My Lover”: Real
The story of a nurse stuck in unhappy marriage, “MSML” (as the cool kids call it) includes, as the tag line promises, “love, murder and deceit.” If you watch the trailer, you’ll learn that it also has shirtless horseback-riding, ’90s hair and “Lost” star Terry O’Quinn.

“Cyber Seduction 4”: Real-esque
Sadly, Lifetime’s 2005 original “Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life” never spawned a single sequel. Also sad? It’s porn-addiction propaganda to scare mothers into putting parental blocks on their computers.

“Baby for Sale”: Real
A highly realistic drama about the trials of trying to adopt a baby, Dana Delany stars in this 2004 Lifetime original about a couple who are outraged to learn the baby they want is actually up for auction to the highest bidder. We haven’t seen it, but it makes them sound cheap.

“Johnny’s Got a Disease”: Fake
As much as we’d like to find a parallel, there just isn’t one. But it does serve as an odd reminder that “Lorenzo’s Oil” actually had a theatrical release.

“But Wait. I’m Too Young to Be a Dad”: Real-esque
Hamm cannot resist the dramatic pay-off of the ad-lib, but this is technically a real movie, too. “Too Young to Be a Dad” debuted on Lifetime in 2002, starring a young (too young!) Paul Dano (“There Will Be Blood”) as the accidental father.

It should also be noted that we searched IMDB for Hamm’s dirty TV movie past, but we’re afraid to report that he’s clean — the classy, handsome jerk.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell