kathryn bigelow jessica chastain oscar nominations 2013 Critics' Choice Awards 2013: Snubbed Kathryn Bigelow told Jessica Chastain about her Oscar nomJessica Chastain wasn’t waiting by her television when the Oscar nominations in 2013 were announced. No, she revealed on the Critics’ Movie Choice Awards 2013 red carpet that she actually was sleeping on an airplane flying to Los Angeles, and didn’t realize until after she woke up that the Academy Award nominees had been announced.

Since she was surrounded by some friends on the plane, she expected that one of them would have told her if she had earned a Best Actress nomination. Since no one did, Chastain assumed she didn’t get any Academy Awards love… until “Zero Dark Thirty” director Kathryn Bigelow mouthed “congratulations” to her and she realized she was up for the award.

Bigelow and Chastain hugged it out, but it probably was a little awkward for them since Bigelow likely isn’t too happy that she isn’t up for Best Director. At least “Zero Dark Thirty” is nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound Editing and Best Film Editing. That, and Bigelow could go home with the Best Director Critics’ Choice Award tonight.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz