Anyone who has watched “Orphan Black” on BBC America knows one thing for certain: Tatiana Maslany is amazing. This knowledge was confirmed on Monday (June 10) when Maslany won the Critics’ Choice award for Best Actress.

Could Maslany replicate the brilliance of her multiple roles in “Orphan Black” in her short speech? Probably not — but her humble, breathless and excited attempt was a highlight of the night.

Although there had been a fair amount of buzz about Maslany’s chances, she was hardly a sure thing to win the Best Actress honors. “Orphan Black” is a science-fiction drama that has aired only 10 episodes in total, after all. The show debuted on BBC America with minimal fanfare this spring and has only slowly gained a devoted audience. Much of that gain can be attributed to Maslany: The star of the series plays a series of clones trapped in a shadowy and deadly conspiracy.

Despite being played by a single actress, each of the seven clones (Sarah, Beth, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Katja and Rachel, aka the “Pro-Clone,” for those of you keeping track) that have featured on “Orphan Black” has a distinct personality and comes across as a fully separate woman.

It’s kind of amazing to watch.

Obviously, Maslany couldn’t reproduce all of the clones in her short time on the stage. But she did get some fun shout-outs in. Thanking the critics for loving her “weird little show” was both amusing and classy. And how can you not love a woman who thanks her “incredible clone double” in the speech?

All that aside, it may even be funnier to realize how few people in that room knew name “Tatiana Maslany” before that night.

Posted by:Laurel Brown