90210 trev donovan 'CSI' casts '90210's' Trevor Donovan as a sexy SpartanTrevor Donovan has been missing in action from a few episodes of “90210” this season as his character, Teddy, struggles to come to terms with his sexuality. Donovan isn’t having any trouble finding ways to spend his free time, though — Zap2it confirms that the Beverly Hills hottie has been cast in an upcoming episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

The episode is titled “Man Up” and is expected to air in early January. The team investigates a seemingly staged online photo of a hooker who has been strangled to death in a dumpster. They’re surprised to find that the woman has actually been murdered.

Donovan’s character is an actor who plays a Spartan in one of the casino’s extravaganzas. The network describes the character as “a handsome beefcake with a great body, a male model.” We’d say that’s about accurate.

The Spartan eagerly tells Nick (George Eads) that he was attacked in one of the Casino bathrooms. The assailant made off with his sword, breastplate and helmet, which is a major bummer, since he has to pay for them out of his own salary.

Also starring in the episode is Carrot Top, as himself.

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Photo Credit: The CW

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie