This may not sit well with the army of Beliebers, but George Eads gets to call Justin Bieber “a little punk” on “CSI” Thursday night (Feb. 17).

“Well, his character was being a punk,” Eads tells Zap2it in the video above. “So I had to.”

Bieber makes his much-publicized return to the show in Thursday’s episode, playing Jason McCann, who has a thing for blowing up stuff and crosses paths with Eads’ Nick Stokes once again. Nick is not unhappy with that at first, but things take a turn.

“Initially he thinks [Jason] is on his side, that he’s trying to help Nick out,” Eads told us Thursday morning after visiting the KTLA Morning Show. “When it turns out he was in on it, it messes with Nick’s temper a little bit. Nick’s been through a lot over the course of 11 seasons — he’s been picked on, been buried, kicked around, and I think at this point when someone comes after him, he kind of turns it into anger himself and goes after them as well.”

Eads says he didn’t know much about Bieber before he guested on the show the first time — but as they were filming, he got a little bit of an inkling. “We were working on a remote location in north Los Angeles,” he says, “and there was a paparazzi in a distant tree trying to take a picture. That’s when I went, ‘Whoa — this kid’s got some fans.'”

“CSI” is set in Las Vegas but does most of its filming outside L.A. The show travels to Sin City a handful of times each season, and Eads hopes to make at least one more trip before Season 11 ends.

“We’ve tried to talk [the producers] into the season finale shooting in Vegas,” he says with a smile. “I don’t know if that’s because the crew wants to have the wrap party in Vegas. … But again, I think Vegas is a character on the show, so as much as we can get that skyline in there and shoot in real casinos, I think it gives the show a lot of flavor.”

Eads’ KTLA segment — which includes more Vegas talk and some reminiscing about his role on the early WB show “Savannah” — is below. “CSI” airs at 9 p.m. ET Thursday on CBS.


Posted by:Rick Porter