Jack, an undercover cop in the "Vegas Blasters" gang, was killed in an alleged bar fight. Were his multiple stab wounds part of the fight? Or a targeted hit because he was a cop? Ray Langston is on the case… on a motorcycle. Vroom, vroom!

The cop in question had a partner in undercover, Tonya. They got in pretty deep with the gang (as is often the case with undercover cops), doing meth and also killing a hooker and raping the corpse (as one does), but when the gang got a phone call at a bar about Jack being a cop, they stabbed him. 24 times, according to Doc Robbins. That's one more than Julius Caesar, according to Langston. It's what I call "overkill." It's what I call "psychotic."

Jack's wife in real  life, Rita, takes his death particularly hard because he had been spiraling downwards toward that for months and she had been begging his captain to take him out of undercover work. Also, turns out Rita and Brass had an affair. Also, Rita is played by Ally Walker. Loved her on "Profiler."

As the team starts to put the pieces together, undercover Tonya is blown up in her car in the bar's parking lot. But the bar has been locked down since the murder, so they figure she was actually targeted before Jack. They also put it together that none other than Rita called the bar and, in her drunken ramblings, revealed to the bartender that he was a cop. The bartender, as the leader of the gang, told the guys and the stabbing began.

Langston rides his hog to look for the ditched murder weapons. My boyfriend goes, "Is that [bleep]ing Morpheus?" Hee. He (Ray, not my boyfriend) finds a backpack full of bloody knives. Creepy. The CSI team does a good ol' fashioned reenactment in the bar for us. It cuts between the Scooby Gang and the actual death. All the stabbing is pretty brutal to watch, not gonna lie. Jack sustained 23 stab wounds before the final one to his left temple did him in.

In the end, the bartender, the bikers who actually did the stabbing (I'm assuming) and Rita are held responsible for Jack's death. Brass watches Rita being marched off to jail and then has a nice ending scene, drinking scotch with Catherine.

Finally I get a good episode! After Taylor Swift and some silly killer luchadores, I finally get a good one! I liked Langston in this one and anything featuring a lot of Brass is okay in my book. I think he's great. What did you all think of tonight?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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