taylor cole red carpet 325 nc 'CSI: Miami' and 'The Event' endings still 'up in the air' for 'The Glades' Taylor ColeTaylor Cole is making another Florida-based crime series now, but she hopes there’s still life left in “CSI: Miami.”

Just added to the A&E drama “The Glades” — which starts its third season Sunday, June 3 — as a bureau chief bound to interfere in the less-than-solid relationship of Jim and Callie (Matt Passmore, Kiele Sanchez), the model turned actress spent the current television year as lab technician turned field agent Samantha Owens on the part of CBS’ “CSI” franchise not yet renewed beyond its 10th season that ended last month.

“Sometimes you know and sometimes you don’t,” Cole tells Zap2it of having been through several series cancellations. “With ‘Summerland,’ I thought for sure we were getting picked up … but they wanted ‘Charmed’ to go for another season, so we got knocked off. With ‘The Event,’ I was pretty positive we weren’t coming back. And with ‘CSI: Miami,’ it’s up in the air.

“It’s harder when you have no idea,” adds Cole, “because you get that call and you’re like, ‘What? I have to find another job?’ I always try to not set myself up for disappointment.”

Being present for the latest “CSI: Miami” season finale was “a little heartbreaking,” Cole says. “Most of them have been doing that show for so long, it was refreshing to hear things like, ‘Yeah, I’d do this for another two years.’ They don’t want to throw in the towel yet.

“There were a lot of speeches at the end, thanking the crew for 10 years. They’re just like family. They work 12-hour days every day, but it’s a happy, healthy, perfect machine that they have down to a science with all the shots and angles. I’ve never seen anything like it. It really makes it easy to just come in and act.”

Also in the second-season finale of CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” Monday, May 14, Cole still hears rumors about “The Event” — which NBC canceled after its 2010-11 freshman year — getting some form of a wrap-up. Having played what she terms “a villain with a heart” on that serialized drama, she notes, “I can’t imagine being a fan of a show for a whole season, putting all that time and energy into loving something, and then just not getting an ending. I’d be crushed.

“I think if they found the right people [for a finale], they could have some answers to the questions they set up. I know I’d be there. I’d show up.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin